1st Anniversary on Etsy

Next week is the first anniversary of my shop on Etsy.

To celebrate, I’m offering a 20% discount if you use the coupon code Anniversary20.

We’ve had quite an assortment of winter weather recently. First there were several days with no electricity, unless you had a generator.  Then we had heavy snow, then freezing rain.  This week has been in the 40’s and some of the snow and ice has melted.

Through all of that, I’ve been happily beading.  I’ll be listing more jewelry later this week.

One new item will be sets of wineglass charms.  These slip around the stem of a wineglass and help you keep track of which one is yours when you have friends over.  I did several themed ones for Christmas gifts.  Some of the themes were country music, Irish, casino, shopper, and wine lover.  Custom requests will be taken.


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Birthday month

May is my birthday month.

I like May.  The weather is usually nice here.   Not too hot or too cold.  Of course, usually is the key word.  Sunday when we drove 45 minutes to the west to Grand Rapids, we drove through a brief stretch of highway with small, wet snowflakes and then little sleet pellets hitting our windshield.  Today (Thursday) it is 84 degrees.  Weather isn’t boring here.

May is a time of spring flowers and flowering bushes and trees.  Lily of the valley are my favorite for their sweet scent.  I’m getting a small area started in the corner of a flower bed.  If I can swat the mosquitoes quickly enough to pick a few stems without getting bitten, I’ll bring some inside.  Growing up, we had a large area of them, but poison ivy grew among them so we only picked them with plastic bags over our hands.  Due to my age, disposable gloves were not widely available them.  

At my Etsy shop, I’m offering a gift to you this month.  Free shipping in the US is available the rest of May if you use the coupon code FreeShipping.

Spring is a great time to review your clothing, accessories and jewelry.

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Mother’s Day will be here soon!

It is hard to believe it is May 1 today.  

Mother’s Day will be here very soon.

This morning I listed 3 necklaces I created during a recent camping trip.  These are a bit longer than my previous ones.  Two of them are 22″ and one is 23″.  Or if someone prefers them to be shorter, they can convo me and I’ll shorten before attaching the clasps of their choice.


Mauve 22" beaded necklace


This would be a pretty necklace for a mother or grandmother, especially if she likes soft colors.


If she likes bolder colors, this one should suit.  It includes bright orange and hot pink patterned beads.



Bright pink and orange 23" beaded necklace

Bright orange is becoming a popular color recently.

And if neither of these is just right, there are many others to choose from.  

If your mother is living, I hope you are able to spend some special time with her.  If she is no longer living, I hope you have wonderful memories of her.

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Glass beaded necklaces

The 3 newest necklaces at Jackets & Jewelry Junction feature glass beads.

I considered which one would be my favorite and it was impossible to choose!  Which one appeals to you?


Blue and green glass beaded 18" necklace

This one has large glass beads in an abstract design of green and blue.  There are other smaller beads in blue and green to complete it.  This reminds me of forests and lakes.  I enjoy camping in quiet woods near lakes.  We camped by one this weekend that still was mostly ice-covered!

Then there is the one with light blue pansies that encourage us to believe spring is coming soon.


Blue and white beaded 18" necklace

The flowers are painted onto the beads.

The other one reminds us of tropical beaches or cruises.


Aqua and white beaded 18" necklace

Sand, the sound of the waves, warm breezes………  Do you want to be there?

I hope spring is beginning to show itself to you, wherever you live.


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Soft spring colors of mauve and light blue

I took a short break over Easter due to having our daughter & son-in-law from Indiana staying with us.  It was great to see them but the time went by quickly.

Tonight I listed 2 necklaces, both in soft spring colors.

The one I’m writing about is in tones of mauve and light blue.  These are timeless spring colors.  In fact, this would have looked wonderful with my high school prom dress so many years ago.  It will make you think of spring flowers and gentle breezes.


Soft mauve and light blue beaded 18" necklace

It could be a wonderful mother’s day gift for a mother or grandmother who likes soft, gentle colors.

Do you and your mother share similar taste in colors or not?  If not, is it because your own hair color, eye color and complexion are different?  Or is your style and taste more bold or less adventuresome than hers?  Or have you even given it any thought?

Do you identify certain colors with people you know?  One of my aunts wore mostly green, yellow and brown.  I don’t remember ever seeing her wear blue.  I look terrible in green and yellow and would never choose these colors for myself.  Another special lady in our community was well known for wearing purple, even in her eighties and when riding her horse in a parade.  She had beautiful white hair and looked fabulous.  Do you like a variety of colors or do you have a signature color like that?



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Mixed Berry Sparkle

Mixed Berry Sparkle necklace with pink, rose, mauve and purple beads

Mixed Berry Sparkle


This 21 inch necklace features faceted sparkly beads in pale pink, purple and plum. It includes round beads with an abstract design in pink, rose, black and white. The largest round bead is 24mm

It features a springring clasp.

You won’t be overlooked when you are wearing this!

There are coordinating earrings available with small faceted beads. https://www.etsy.com/listing/121126549/mixed-berry-sparkle-earrings-with-pink

The colors of the beads in this are really compelling!  I like the contrast between the glass beads in a swirling abstract design of dusty pink, black and white with the sparkly faceted beads in those same colors.

If these colors are perfect for your Easter dress, don’t wait.  With Priority Mail shipment, it would be at your home in time for Easter if mailed Wednesday, and might make it if mailed Thursday.  The 20% off sale is still in effect. Coupon Code Spring20.

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Sapphire & Silver

Sapphire & Silver beaded necklace

Sapphire & Silver beaded necklace


This 19 inch necklace has beads in shades of sapphire blue, silver, and black.

The center grouping features a black & blue check design, faceted sapphire blue beads, silver beads, black & blue swirled beads, faceted silver beads, deep blue beads and small black discs. The remainder of the necklace is alternating silver filigree round beads and 4x6mm cobalt gem cut beads.

I offer the option to choose your preferred closure: silvertone springring clasp, silvertone magnetic closure or silvertone toggle closure. Please indicate your choice when ordering. Please be advised that magnetic clasps should not be worn by anyone with a pacemaker.

The deep blue is one of my favorite colors and has extra class and sparkle because of the filigree and faceted beads.

What is your favorite color?  Do you know why it is your favorite?  Do you have early memories of always wanting to choose this color of crayon, or paint for your bedroom, or for clothing?  

I have always liked blue the best.  I also like pink and purple and aqua, but blue will usually be my first choice.

Did you learn to dislike a color if you were forced to wear it, either as hand-me-down clothing, or because the person choosing (maybe your mother) liked a color that you didn’t?

Several years ago (in the 80’s, I think), there was a trend of “having your colors done”.  I did not participate, since as a sewer I believe I have a better than average eye for what color looks good on me.  It seems to have been done as a party plan, like buying jewelry or makeup, but a person was trained to evaluate and tell you what colors looked best on you and what to avoid.  I remember hearing about women who were devastated to learn that most of the clothing they owned was not in the right colors.

I can see both sides of this.  There may have been and still are people who are clueless about what colors look good on them, just as some people don’t realize that even for plus sized people there is a balance between wearing skintight clothing that shows every bulge and pound and wearing a sack that is so loose it isn’t flattering.  And what is comfortable as a style for one person isn’t for another one.  Some people could benefit from good advice.

On the other hand, if you love certain colors and they make you smile, why should someone talk you out of wearing them?  You are either naturally talented at choosing what is best for you, or your personality is strong enough to override your color choices.


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